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Jianmin, Hu, MD., PhD

Jianmin, Hu, MD., Ph.D., an ophthalmologist, is a leading member of the low vision rehabilitation society in China. He is also a pioneer in advocating for public benefit activities for low-vision rehabilitation in China.

Dr. Hu has dedicated his career to improving accessible low vision rehabilitation services in China. As a director of the Low Vision Center, associate professor and vice chair in the Department of the Ophthalmology in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, he has established the Low Vision Clinic and Visual Function Laboratory in Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University and Low Vision Rehabilitation Center in Quanzhou School for the Blind under the support of Fujian Association of People with Disabilities. At the same time, he set up the first department of Low Vision Rehabilitation and Education in Quanzhou Normal University and trained special teachers for visually impaired people. He and his team have been committed to promoting the development of low vision rehabilitation in China. The progress is extraordinary and the new rehabilitation services for low vision have been widely developed.