Yang Yu

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Dr. Yu was born in China. She received medicine training at Fujian Medical University. She became a resident and completed the clinical residency standardized training at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University. Dr. Yu obtained MSc in clinical optometry and completed advanced studies in visual impairment and rehabilitation from Salus University. Dr. Yu's principal clinical interest is visual impairment and rehabilitation. As a member of the Assistive Technology Group for Visual Impairment of China Disabled Persons' Federation, she assists China Disabled Persons' Federation in the work of low vision rehabilitation and promotes the research exchange between China and international community on visual impairment rehabilitation. She participated in the review of World Health Organization Assistive Product Specification. Dr. Yu insists on providing eye examinations and low vision rehabilitation for visually impaired children in special education schools, and has long been engaged in volunteer service. Dr. Yu is dedicated to the education of ophthalmology and optometry, especially low vision rehabilitation. She participated in the compilation of national training materials on visual impairment rehabilitation. She attaches great importance to teaching and has won many prizes in teaching competitions.